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We believe that agreeing clear and unambiguous terms in a commercial contract at the outset is an essential feature of an effective, on-going, business relationship. It is important to have those terms set out in a commercial agreement.

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we make sure that what has been agreed is in principle is set out in the contract.

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As well as setting out the obligations of either party, a well drafted commercial agreement should explain what happens if the parties fail to comply with their obligations be it failing to provide the agreed services or failing to pay. Although it is difficult to foresee a dispute arising at the start of an agreement, we will ensure that the contract contains a procedure to assist the parties in any dispute in a straightforward and cost efficient matter.

We aim to build long-term relationships with our business clients by offering the legal services you need through our team of professional and approachable lawyers.

In most cases we charge a fixed fee for advising on, drafting and negotiating a commercial agreement and we make sure that the agreement is tailored to your specific requirements and reflects what has been agreed with the other party.

We also provide a service whereby for a competitive fixed fee we review your existing commercial contracts to ensure they are up to scratch.

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