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If you are a business or individual that is selling goods or services through a website i.e. engaging in E-Commerce, you are required to have certain terms and policies set out on your website.  In addition, where you are obtaining personal details from those who visit your website, you must set out how you will store their information and what you may do with it.  Further, if your website allows users to upload content onto your site, then you should have in place provisions which set out what they may or may not upload. 

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Almost all websites should have in place:

  • A Cookie policy - this explains which cookies the websites uses and how they are used. 
  • A Privacy policy - this explains how a website complies with certain legal obligations in relation to obtaining and holding personal information provided by users or third parties.
  • A Terms of Use policy - this sets out the various terms relating to your rights as the owner of the website, for example in relation to intellectual property, and the information about the services you are offering and how the user may use your website. 

If you are selling goods online, then you will also need to have in place a policy which sets out, for example, the terms relating to delivery, refunds, returns, and pricing.   If you are allowing users to upload content, then you will need to set out terms relating to the uploading of content in your Terms of Use or in a dedicated separate policy.

We provide bespoke website policies at a competitive price.  We also review and report on your existing policies to ensure that they are legally compliant.  If you wish to discuss website terms and conditions give us a call on 020 7611 4848 or contact us by email

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