Managing & Running your Business

Once your business is up and running (or if you have bought an existing business) you need to ensure that it is properly run according to its formal structure. This may involve holding regular board or partners meetings, or inviting the shareholders to attend general meetings.

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If you do hold these meetings it is important to properly minute them to ensure that matters which have been discussed are correctly recorded. Certain documents, such as board minutes, may be prepared in advance to ensure that all the necessary decisions are made during the meeting. Some decisions should be made at a board level and others by the shareholders.

We can advise you on the correct procedure to follow when calling or holding a meeting, and we can prepare the relevant documentation in advance.

We also provide a company secretarial service where we act in a formal capacity as your company secretary to ensure that:

  • Appropriate notice is given of any and all meetings
  • All the relevant forms and documentation are filed with Companies House
  • Any formal notice received by the company is quickly acted upon

We also advise directors, partners and trustees individually about their duties and obligations in running a company, partnership or managing a trust.

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