Entering into Shareholders' Agreements

A Shareholders’ Agreement is a contract between the shareholders in a company which sets out the terms governing their relationship,  their rights and responsibilities.  A Shareholders’ Agreement is likely to contain terms relating to:

  • The nature of the shares in the company including  specific rights attached to certain classes of shares;
  • When and how shares can be transferred and at what value; and
  • Any decisions that require the unanimous consent of the shareholders.
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The Shareholders’ Agreement must compliment the company’s existing Articles of Association to ensure that the two documents work together to govern how the company is owned and run. 

We are experienced in advising shareholders regarding their existing rights and obligations under the company’s Articles, and in negotiating and agreeing terms in a Shareholders’ Agreement.  Whether you require a detailed Shareholders’ Agreement setting out classes of shares and dividend rights relating to those shares, or a Shareholders’ Agreement which seeks to ensure that the company continues to be owned by the remaining shareholders if one or more decides to transfer their shares, we can assist you. 

If you are obtaining outside investment or are investing in a company you may wish to protect yourself by entering into a shareholders’ agreement. If you are contemplating entering into a Shareholders’ Agreement and wish to discuss your situation contact us by telephone on 020 7611 4848 or email commercial@rollingsons.co.uk

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