Credit Hire

When Rollingsons set up in 1996, this was about the same time as Credit Hire took a grip on the insurance industry. From the outset, Rollingsons seized the initiative with credit hire and sought to find ways and means of combating the many issues that continue to this day to plague insurers.

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From the late 1990s we were engaged in fighting credit hire. Our earliest success was the case of Sullivan v. Paul in 1997. Rollingsons were extremely active in fighting credit hire arguments well before the Supreme Court decision in Dimond v. Lovell. Rollingsons have continued to be involved with credit hire arguments, throughout the last decade being instrumental in the latest Intervention developments in Copley v. Lawn.

Our approach on credit hire has always been a robust one. At the same time we are sensitive to the commercial realities. We do not fight cases where we have no chance of winning. It is important for insurers to pick their battles wisely so that the insurers' reputation in the market is kept strong. All the insurer clients we act for have a reputation for being tough on Credit Hire.

We regularly send bulletins to insurers on credit hire decisions in the County Court. We also run seminars and training sessions to insurers on Credit Hire. We like to work closely with insurers in the battle against credit hire and prefer to be viewed as an extension of the insurers Claims Department rather than as an external agent. We encourage insurers to be pro-active in fighting Credit Hire and to defend claims imaginatively and commercially. Our services have had particular appeal to a number of insurers who have declined to be a party to the GTA.

Credit Hire Team