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Many individuals want to set aside some of their assets for charitable causes, either by Will or by charitable trust

Charitable trusts can be established by wealthy individuals or families as well as those of more modest means. The London charitable trust lawyers at Rollingsons Solicitors Ltd advise clients on the requirements, benefits and drawbacks of establishing trusts of any kind. Whether you want to contribute one lump sum to a trust or plan to give regularly to a number of causes, we have the expertise necessary to help you achieve your charitable goals.

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Examples of Charitable Purposes

To be valid in the UK, a charitable trust must do two things: benefit the public and have a charitable purpose. "Benefit the public" means simply that the trust cannot be operated for the advantage of a private person or group of private people. "Charitable purposes" are many and varied, but some of the most common accepted purposes include:

  • Relieving poverty
  • Promoting education
  • Promoting religion
  • Helping animals
  • Any number of other uses that benefit the community

The most obvious benefit of a charitable trust is that the property or funds placed in the trust are used to further a cause which has particular importance and meaning for the client. Beyond that, there are additional benefits, such as:

  • The ability to give either anonymously or in the name of yourself, your family or a foundation
  • Significant tax advantages, including exemptions from paying corporation tax or inheritance tax
  • If your employer matches charitable donations, those matching funds can increase the value of the trust.
  • There are currently proposals being made law under which IHT concessions are granted if 10 percent or more of an estate is left for charitable purposes. These are structured in such a way that the amount your non-charitable beneficiaries receive is the same as if the charitable element had not been included.

Moving Forward Together

Clients rely on us to provide straight answers to their questions, and we do so using clear English, not legal jargon. Rather than just describing options, we will advise you on the solution we believe is best and work towards achieving it.

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