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The court places the welfare of children as its paramount concern when dealing with any matters concerning children, including child residence. To learn more about our work in the area of child support, please visit our child maintenance page.

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The family lawyers at Rollingsons Solicitors Ltd deliver comprehensive advice and solutions on all matters affecting children, so that their welfare is paramount and the requirements of the parent we act for are met.

We encourage parents to work out acceptable child residence arrangements between themselves whenever possible. If they cannot do so, the court will decide residence issues. We can help you negotiate with your child's other parent or apply for one of the following orders from the court:

  • Joint residence order — both parents share parental responsibilities
  • Residence order — one parent has physical custody of the child or children
  • Contact order — describes the circumstances under which the non-resident parent can have access to the children
  • Prohibited steps order — a list of specific actions that are not allowed
  • Specific issue order — terms related to a specific issue such as schooling, religious upbringing and medical intervention

We advise and assist with residence-related issues, such as holidays or permanent moves abroad. We also represent grandparents, aunts and uncles who wish to have ongoing contact with a child. These family members cannot apply for residence directly; they need permission from the court to seek residence or contact. Each case must be evaluated individually.

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To talk to a family lawyer about any issues concerning your children, please contact Rollingsons Solicitors or call 0207 7611 4848. 

Our law office is located near both the Principal Registry of the Family Division and the Royal Courts of Justice. We are therefore able to deal with matters concerning children immediately and urgently in order to ensure immediate protection of a child's welfare. We represent clients in the London area, but handle cases involving parties located throughout England, Wales and internationally.

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