Collaborative Family Law

A Cooperative Way to Resolve Divorce and Related Issues

Anger and resentment do not necessarily have to be the byproducts of a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. Through the use of collaborative law, divorcing spouses and civil partners can sit down with each other and with professional supporters to reach a settlement that works for them and their children.

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At Rollingsons Solicitors Ltd, we believe that collaborative law offers parents and children a brighter future than they would have after a litigated divorce or civil partnership dissolution. The collaborative process gives the couple control of their own future, rather than leaving it to a judge. The process emphasises respect and cooperation instead of argument and conflict. It gives the couple the means to resolve differences by working together instead of fighting against each other. See our Guide to divorce for more information about the process. 

Understanding the Collaborative Law Process

Each couple will have their own collaborative lawyer by their side throughout the entire process and, therefore, will benefit from legal advice as the process goes on. The aim of collaborative law is to resolve family disputes without going to Court.

Once each person has met their collaborative lawyers and discussed the different options and processes available, they decide if the collaborative process is for them. If it is, then they both meet their collaborative lawyers separately to talk about what to expect. These meetings are referred to as "four way" meetings, as they are meetings between both individuals and their respective collaborative lawyers.

At the first "four way" meeting, the collaborative lawyers will make sure that the couple understands that they are making a commitment to working at an agreement without going to Court and that they will all four sign an agreement to this effect. The couple will be invited to share their own objectives in choosing this process and everyone will plan the agenda for the next meeting. This will depend on individual circumstances, but it might typically include a discussion about how the children are responding to their parents' separation. If time permits, the couple may also go on to discuss how financial information will be shared and agree on who will bring that financial information to the next meeting.

Subsequent meetings will deal with the couples' priorities and concerns. For instance, the meetings may look at involving other professionals such as specialists in pensions and financial planning, or people trained to assist children in understanding and coping with changes that their parents' separation will bring to their lives. The meetings will enable the couple to reach agreement on how the finances will be shared and what arrangements need to be made for any children.

At the final meeting, documents detailing the agreement reached will be signed by the couple and their collaborative lawyers. The collaborative lawyers will talk with the couple about anything else that needs to be done in order to implement the agreement. Sometimes a firm timetable for implementation will not be possible, for instance, if the family house needs to be sold. One of the benefits of the collaborative process is that it is not driven by a timetable imposed by the Court. So to a large extent, the process can be built around a family's individual timetable and priorities.

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If you would like to discuss the collaborative law practice further, we encourage you to arrange a meeting with Jeetesh Patel, a trained Collaborative Lawyer. He can also arrange for your spouse or civil partner to meet with a separate Collaborative Lawyer. Call the Rollingsons Family Law Department on 0207 7611 4848 or contact our law firm online.

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