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As with other types of medical practice it is not uncommon for dentists to provide a level of skill and care which falls below that which we would expect when attending for dental treatment.  It is not always obvious to someone that they have suffered a dental injury at the hands of their dentists because many of us experience pain and discomfort with our teeth and gums at some point, particularly following a visit to the dentist.

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Common dental negligence claims involve misdiagnosis or failure to treat a problem with the teeth or gums which later becomes much worse.  Often a dentist may recommend and proceed with treatment which is not required or can cause an injury through carelessness whilst carrying out treatment. 

Dental negligence claims can also arise if a patient has decided to pay for private cosmetic dental work (for example veneers, crowns or teeth whitening) and the treatment is not carried out to the required standard. This can result in significant pain and discomfort or the need to undergo further costly treatment on a private basis.

If you believe that you may have a claim for dental negligence you should feel free to call one of our experienced solicitors at Rollingsons Solicitors Ltd who will discuss matters with you and provide a free initial no obligation consultation.

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