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Whether your eye injury has been caused by surgical error or a failure or delay in diagnosis the specialist medical negligence team here at Rollingsons can assist you with your claim for compensation.

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Surgery gone wrong

Laser eye surgery

The surgery now available to correct both long and short sightedness can be very effective and successful but unfortunately, in some cases, the outcome of that surgery is not satisfactory resulting in the patient experiencing dryness of the eyes, night vision problems, astigmatism and permanent eye damage.

Cataract surgery

This surgery is very common and is undertaken to correct impaired sight often but not exclusively, in the elderly patent.  The surgery involves the lens of the eye being broken down into small pieces which are then removed through a small cut in the eye.  A new artificial lens is then inserted.  Problems can occur when the wrong type of lens is inserted or a faulty technique is used during the surgery. 

Failure to diagnose


When this condition is not diagnosed or properly treated the resulting damage can not be rectified or reversed.  Common treatments for Glaucoma are eye drops, laser treatment or surgery.  If left untreated blindness can occur.

Retinal detachment

As with Glaucoma, a failure or delay in diagnosis of the condition can have drastic consequences for the patient and in rare cases result in a loss of eyesight.  Medical negligence cases involving retinal detachment often occur due to the failure by the medical professional to detect the condition early and refer to a specialist Ophthalmologist.  Early diagnosis and treatment are essential if the patient is to preserve their eyesight.

If you think you may have suffered an eye related injury which could have been prevented then contact the medical negligence team at Rollingsons Solicitors Ltd for a no obligation free initial consultation.

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